Kallen doesn’t have a strong connection with the lady mothers just like the out-of the woman brother’s tragic dying

Kallen doesn’t have a strong connection with the lady mothers just like the out-of the woman brother’s tragic dying

Tsunade commits so you can securing Konoha and its particular villagers, and this woman is ready not to ever spare also her very own existence for it town as well as allies if necessary. Some individuals believe Tsunade isn’t an excellent consummate Hokage as she gambles and drinks, however, the woman is an extremely tenacious lady as compared to hundred boys.

From the features, she actually is waifu topic. She destroyed faith when you look at the ambitions immediately after Nawaki and you will Dan’s deaths. This lady has her disadvantage; she actually is quite dull and you may small-tempered both. She passed on a vice from betting of their grandfather, but destiny always dealt this lady having a heart attack out of bad luck in betting.

fourteen. Yoko Littner

Yoko wields a variety of weapons; she’s one of several letters within this prominent show Gurren Lagann. She generally spends a lot of time-assortment sniper rifles such as for example Barrett M82.

Yoko is a few while being calculative, computed, and practical as well as have loving and you can caring tendencies getting hr family relations. This lady has a reputation as the an excellent rifleman that’s things as pleased with, for sure. Yoko gets irritable and you will aggressive more than short things when you’re dealing with uncooperative anybody, but the woman is top-lead and can deal with people condition.

She has stunning amber eyes and you can a lot of time ponytailed yellow tresses; she wears a head direct due to the fact a tresses accessory and yellow chopsticks, which she put as a tool. The woman is adult and you may educated, particularly in wisdom matters.

thirteen. Kallen Kozuki / Kallen Stadtfeld

Kallen Kozuki, who possibly passes the girl mom’s Japanese maiden term, Kallen Stadtfeld, are a powerful-willed and you may corporation woman. She uses the girl 2nd identity at school and some other areas. She actually is 50 % of British and half Japanese.

She is a beneficial feisty reputation about Password Geass collection; bold, brave, and you can strenuous. She confronted a harsh time in their childhood hence inspired their character enormously. However, as time passes, she will get some thing fixed. Kallen is very passionate about the explanation for Japan’s liberation because the the woman cousin aimed to do this.

The woman is form-hearted and you will supporting along with a shy fighter. The woman is breathtaking which have red tresses and you may blue eyes.

12. Marijane Strauss

Marijane Strauss is the most feared person and is called the Devil. What you and everybody you to definitely actions try terrified off her.

This lady has a cheeky lips and manage disrespect just about everyone; this lady has a long-lasting battle with Ezra. This lady choices possibly produced their remember herself as inhuman, but all that altered just after the girl nothing sister’s demise. She are yet another and different person, and you may she started initially to become calmer and come shedding this lady phenomenal energies. The brand new problem changed her, and you will she turned into nice and kind.

She became protective from this lady best friends and tried to manage her or him at each and every turn, and you can she became a beneficial maternal figure for everyone, also complete strangers. She’s stunning light hair one to contributes to this lady supernatural beauty possesses unique blue eyes.

eleven. Maki Oze

She knows how to endeavor and you will understands the vital enjoy needed in treat given that she’s army trained. She works out every day and night and that’s most intimate from the do it. She’s sports and you will fit. Even if she seems hard and you may strong, she has a womanly side, sdcprofiel zoeken resulting in people attempting to protect this lady. She’s a hopeless woman far away away from romanticism and you may believes in love initially. The woman is polite and kind to the girl fellows.

She’s an intricate you to their person is muscular rather than women, but it’s all in the lady brain as the every person thinks about the girl since a gorgeous woman. She cannot wanna hurt somebody that’s quite hesitant so you’re able to damage anyone.

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